Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Book Worm

Since I'm now working 10pm-8:30 I have reading like crazy.
Yes, I read.

Shut up....

Here's what was on my list the last 48 hours:

All Roads Lead to Texas - not too bad

In His Wife's Name - Okay

A Perfect Love - * YAWN*

*Wifey* - Who the hell knew Judy Blume wrote books for Adults?!?!? I couldn't put this one down

Tears of a Renegade - Pretty okay.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE working the overnight shift? Until around 7am, anyway......

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Toria said...

Howdy, a lurker who found her way over from RSM's page here. Just had to de-lurk because if you like Wifey, check out Summer Sisters (also by Judy Blume). That is all. Happy reading!