Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New songs inspired by Weight Watchers

*I'm in luv wit' my Oatmeal ( I'm in Luv wit a Stripper)
" I'm in luv wit my oatmeal..It's rich, and it's creamy, it feeds me....."

* I'm Bring Chicken Back ( SexyBack)
" I'm bringin' Chicken back..Extra Crispy, you ain't gotta ask..Get me my order 'fore you get attacked..Forget the beans, and buddy watch your back...."

* My Butt don't Lie ( Hips Don't lie)
" Not on tonight, cause my butt don't lie, and the jeans, they just fit too tight.
The friction...zippers not connectin'..Can't you see baby, no circulation.....

*Eattin' Cupcakes ( Ridin' Dirty)
" You see me runnin, and closets, so they don't catch me eattin' cupcakes ( try to catch eattin' cupcakes.-Try to catch me eattin' cupcakes)."

* Eat Me ( Hate Me )
" Eat me today..Eat me tomorrow...Eat me so you can see what pepperoni does for you.."

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