Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This and that

I know I haven't been posting much.
Our computer sucks ass and my husband tried to kill me, which resulted in my spending massive amounts of time on the toilet, leaving me little computer time.
You see, the other day I was feeling a little "backed up"( thank you Runza) and sent Randy out for Ex lax.
He brought home this little chocolate bar and said to eat it.
And so I did.
My husband, however, misread the directions.
It DID NOT say to eat one bar, it said to eat ONE PIECE of the chocolate bar.
Lets just say that once I got to work I told one of the nurses what happened and she called poison control.
It was a rough night.
I left work @ 2am, puking and shitting my brains out.
Good times, Good times.
And the party didn't end until this morning.
So, I'm not even going to bother with updating my scale tracker at the top, cause it won't be right, anyway

My husband tried to kill me.
He's on my shit list.

Also, we are quiting smoking.
We're doing the patch.
So, I will tell you all now that I will be taking a leave of absence from posting until November 1, 2006.
Being on the computer is one of my " triggers", so I'm taking a break from the Internet for a while.

I'd love to say that I'm throwing myself into working out, however my fucking gym, that let me all remind you, I paid $900 for a 2 year membership 8 months ago, CLOSED LAST WEEK!!!!
ugh! Totally pissed!!!
Ok, everyone take care, I'll be back soon!


Kristen said...

Ugh. That sucks. The entire bar?! Wow. And I quit with the patch in May. Works great.

psybok said...

It would be so easy to make a joke here, but as I don't know you I will be kind. In all reality misreading over the counter medication directions is no laughing matter.

I never tried the patch to quit, I did however try using some of the first Nicorette gum, when it first came out. It was like chewing on a piece of gum that had been left in an ashtray.

Those gym deals, man. Try to get out of the contract, and you find out it's easier to leave the Mafia. Then they up and close on ya!!!! Sheesh!!! The same thing happened here in North Texas a while back. Some people showed up at a gym only to find out that it was under new management. The New Managers left a note on the front door, stating that they were closing. No notices went out, no warning. I think the case is still in court.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Sharpie said...

OMG - sorry about the bar. Good for you quitting smoking - you will feel so much beter. I know I did.