Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bits and pieces

I wonder if it's my resent experience with getting high that led me to add the song, Karma Chameleon to my iPod??
Grace has informed us that Santa will be bring her a bike, a puppy, a baby brother, and a talking Dora doll Christmas. We talked to Santa. None of those are on the list.
Santa finished Grace old list weeks ago.


Grace is in a Little Mermaid phase. My favorite part of the day is her bed time when I go lay in bed with her, and we tell each other stories and sing Part of your World. Neither of us know all the words. It's too funny.


I added the song, Africa, by Toto to my MySpace page. It's still my favorite song EVER! It's kinda our song. Randy and I sing it together every time we go to Karaoke.
Why, yes, we are big nerds.
And having as my ring tone on my cell phone just isn't enough.
Hey! I also have London Bridges.
Africa is for Text Messages, and when Randy calls from his cell.
Again - Nerd.


After working more than any one person should the last 2 days, I had a list of things I wanted to get done before going back to work at my regular full-time job tonight.
Last night my list was:

1. Spend time with the girls and Randy.
2. Drink the yummy wine my Mom and Dad bought Randy and I for our anniversary last week.
3. Take a VERY long hot shower and shave.
4. Have headboard bangin', monkey sex with my husband, who has gone neglected lately, due to my crazy work schedule.
5. Check my email and blogg ( also been neglected due to work schedule)
6. Make cookies for a friend at work.

Well, I spent the night with Randy and the girls. We didn't make cookies. I sang song and told stories with Grace in her bed until she said " um, Mommy, you can go now".
Took a very long, hot shower, doing a half-ass job at shaving.
Then debated drinking wine, but decided against it because I'd taken so much Aleve, due to feeling like my face was hit by a Semi driven by Satan himself ( Aftermath of Root Canal).
Laid on my husband's chest, intertwined with him for over an hour, just cuddling until he had to get up and work on the computer ( he works from home @ 11p for an hour or so every night).
When he got up, I told him I was going to nap on the couch, but to WAKE ME UP so we could, um, enjoy each other's company more fully.
I woke up in bed this morning.
"HEY, DAMMIT! I thought you were gonna wake me up for some sinkin' the sausage!!!"
Randy looked at me all wide-eye ed " Yeah, I sooo tried, but you weren't having it."
Damn me!

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