Monday, November 06, 2006

Just a little bit broken...

I'm late, I know....
Still recovering from a month of pure hell...

But it's all good, cause I got new Pajamas and slippers that match yesterday.

I love Sock monkeys!

Working overnights kinda sucks.
Last month I worked10 hour shifts Friday, Saturday, Monday Tuesday.
Not my job, of course, but not working the days in a row.
I also still have my hospice lady, that I'm convinced, will out live us all...chain smoking 3 packs a day.
Sunday was my only full day off.
Miserable and broken- That best describe me in the month of October.

I haven't talked to a majority of my friends in a month ( or I saw them and they didn't talk to me).

This month, I got my schedule permanently changed to Thursday - Sunday.
Hospice lady on Mondays and Wednesday.
Now Tuesday are my only day off.
Once Christmas is done and over, helpfully, so will the madness.

Wanna know the kicker to all this?
It's really funny.
I switched to overnights cause Randy was going to take a different job within his company and would actually work 9-5, and we didn't want to put the girls in daycare.
Well, after finding out what all the job entailed, after numerous interviews, Randy declined the it because it would have just been another glorified headache with more money
At least where he's at now he has flexibility.
So, now I'm working overnights, and Grace is going to daycare.
She was so bored after school, and I was so tired, it was the best choice.

I couldn't switch my hours back if I wanted to.
Because of the holidays, my company puts out November -January schedules in October.
I'm stuck.
Funny, huh?

Yeah....Not so much.

But I have cute pajamas!

Oh, yeah - Still smoking...haven't lost any weight either.


Belle said...

That sucks about the schedules, but hopefully after the holidays you can rearrange yours if you want to.

I only work part time mornings, and still can't find time to blog and do all the stuff I want to do.

I commend all you moms working full time outside the home for getting it all done.

sillychick said...

ah, overnights suck for trying to lose weight/maintain your sanity/quit smoking. More power to ya, sister!
You're on my weight loss list...we will do this together, dammit!