Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sometimes I think I might cross the line...

The girls and I are flying to Texas on Sunday.
Randy has to drive down later in the week because of work.
We're staying with his Mom, as always.
Have I mentioned that my niece and nephew ( 9&7) live there too?

Our Nephew, C.D.( just his initals) is the "leader of the pack" in the weirdness department.

So, I was standing in the kitchen that other night, looking at my birth control pills.
I saw that I would get my period over the 10 days I was in Texas.

" Um, Randy, I need to refill my birth control pills early and skip my period this month."

" Why?"

" Because I don't want to get my period when I'm in Texas"

" Why?"

"Because C.D. is weird and I could totally see him going through the trash, picking out the bloody applicator, nameing it Henry and carrying it around in his pocket. Next thing you know he brings it to Christmas dinner and plops it down next to the Christmas ham. I DO. NOT. want to be responsible for that".

Randy stares at me in silence for 30 seconds.
" Honey, I can promise you that won't happen"

" How can you promise me, Randy?!"

" Because we never have ham for Christmas. "