Thursday, January 11, 2007

I get an A for effort

I woke up this morning a woman on a mission.
Tackle the laundry downstairs.
As some of you know, I DO NOT go down there because we have found 2 snakes down there thanks to a cracked drainage pipe in the front yard.
And kids, I don't do snakes.
I promise you've never seen a woman take on stairs fast before.
So, today, I put my fear aside and went to it.
I was totally making progress too....
And then Faith started projectile vomiting and shitting.
So, as it's turned out, I've really only kept up with the laundry today.
Well, I tried.

You also lose energy when your 21 month old pukes chunks of hot dog and clumps of milk on you ( and in you hair...ewwwww)

I was holding her up, making her fly, and asked her,

" Faithy, what does a birdy say? Does it say tweet tweet?"

Her response

Chunks everywhere.

It's been a nice relaxing day.

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