Thursday, February 01, 2007

I've been working a lot. That's my excuse. But here are some random things:

Why do they always cancel the good shows? First it was Arrested Development, then Carnivale, and then my mostest favorite, Dead Like Me. Kinda pisses me off, ya know?!


I'm a rebel without a cause. I went shopping for yarn the other night with Jen. Instead of going to the bar, we stayed in and worked on blankets while watching I Love New York.

People are listening. I currently have 4 cousins growing me a baby!!!!!! AND I have friends that are due in like 5 weeks. Babies, bring 'em!!!!!!!!!

I haven't talked to my sweet K in months cause I'm a shady bitch. K, whereever you are, I still love you.


We're wating for Randy's cousin to send us pictures of his birthday party. Simmer down, Justin. Shouldn't you be doing 5 billion things to get ready for the baby? Remember - Give Jenna whatever she wants.

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