Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do

I work every weekend. That's right Every Friday and Saturday. And I think my friends are getting tired of it. My friend B, sent me this email in response to me saying , " No, I can't go out Saturday- I'm working a double!!!"

"I'm sick and tired of your working excuses! Fuckin' call in. What has ( the company I work for) ever done for you? Now ask yourself, what has beer ever done for you? Eh. Get my drift? "

I still went to work. Dude, I have a morgage, 2 car payments, and 2 kids.
Smetimes being an adult blows.
Then to add salt to the wound, I found out they went to my favoriest dance club, The Max.
You know what I was doin' while they were dancin it up? Sitting in a hallway, croching a baby blanket, doing 15 minute checks on the kids.
Again, it's a good thing I love my job. 6 years ago I would have totally called in.

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