Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Closet Freaks wave those flags!!!

There's a reason that I buy all my books used.
Tonight I went to Barnes and Noble because there are 2 new books I wanted.
3 books = $32.00 ( yeah, I splurged and bought one I wasn't looking for)
Do you have any idea what $32.00 will get me in a used book store?
About 20-25 books.
Then I find out that I totally forgot one
Now, I bet you all think that I'm weird.
Oh, well.
I have a thing for Vampires - it can not be helped.

I not buying anymore books at full price until this comes out ( with the exception of the book I forgot).
Seriously yo. You HAVE. TO. READ. the Undead series.
It's the FUNNIEST shit ever!
I swear.
I just finished this.
Laughed my ass off.
Tomorrow I'm starting this series( does anyone else try to read 94 books at once???)
HBO is even creating a show based off of it.
Makes me think that more of use " freaks" are comin' on out.
Even Lifetime has a new show.


ak girl said...

best vampire book evar... twilight by stephanie meyer. check it out!

pinks & blues girls said...

I know, books can really add up. It's crazy!

I love the library - the books are free and I don't have to find a place on my bookshelf for them!

- Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Kait said...

I love love love both Maryjanice Davidson and Charlaine Harris. As ak girl mentioned, Twilight is a great book, but you're not likely to find it used (yet!)

I haven't been able to find used books that cheap, unless I'm buying harlequin romances (which I tend to avoid). But still, $30 will get me a lot closer to probably 6 or so books.

Woman with kids said...

I love Maryjanice and Charlaine is pretty funny.