Monday, March 19, 2007

In case you didn't know, I work in a inpatient residential treatment center for kids with behavioral/mental issues.
Seriously, yo.
I'm primarily based on the all girls unit where the ages range from 11-17.
It's almost like walking into Jr. High.
Petty. Catty. Click-y
I still love it though.
However, I've decided that working Friday 10pm-8:30am and then pulling back to back doubles on the Saturday and Sunday (3p-7:30am) isn't fun anymore.
But then I miss interacting with the kids since I usually work overnights, so I always say yes when they need help on the weekends
Yesterday I was called a "dirty whore" by one of my 15 year old patients.
I find it funny/strange that I miss that kinda interaction.
They're good eggs, and this one was just having a really bad day ( she then attacked 5 staff).
Maybe I'm just waving my freak flag again.

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