Thursday, March 29, 2007

My new Baby

This is baby Hass ( short for Hasenfeffer..My Husband thinks he's funny)
She's about 8 weeks old an VERY SUPER DUPER CUTE.
And she like to cuddle.
I'm in Heaven

And NO! We don't plan on eating her.


Doo Dah said...

You dont plan on eating her, but you named her Sour Rabbit Stew?

She is a cutie......I have 4 babies at 8wks that I need to get rid of. We had some albino white ones and the pink white eyes skeer the poopie out of me....but they are so lovable.

Not-So-Naughty Voyeur said...

I was browsing blogs to see if anyone else had a bunya named Hasenfeffer :) Congratulations on your new bunny! Super cute! I've had mine going on 2 years now, a Lion Head. He's a lot of fun!!