Thursday, March 29, 2007

" These are my confessions..."

For J

I went to a Catholic school growing up.

By the time 8th grade came around we thought we owned the joint. We knew everything.

We we're hot shit ( then again, who isn't at 14?).

One day we we're a little feisty and it just happened to fall on a day that we all had to go to confession ( where you go in a little room and tell the priest all your sins)

That day we drew straws to see who would make up a crazy story and the rest of us would time them to see how long they were in there.

My friend Carol was the lucky winner.

She stayed behind the screen and told the priest that she'd been having sex with the man that she baby-sat for ( a totally made up story).

She was in there 42 minutes.

I still chuckle a little too much when I think of that.

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