Monday, March 19, 2007

" You got the right stuff, baby!!!!"

Randy and I were watching TV last week and Mark Wahlberg was on some talk show. I loved me some Marky Mark back in 7th grade.

Then we started talking about New Kids on the Block ( Donnie was my favorite..I always liked the bad boys)

He made some disturbing comments and I threatened to beat him in the head with the remote until he was profusely bleeding and had serious case of head trauma.

Over the New Kids.

Is that wrong?

As a sign of rebelling, You Got the Right Stuff is now my ring tone on my cell.

I win.



Doo Dah said...

Oh, I about cried the first time I saw MarkyMark in a suit and tie on Antique Roadshow.............that just aint right.

and I was a Donnie fan too :-)

Woman with kids said...

I loved Donnie until I had a dream that he kissed another girl. Asshole. After that, I loved Danny and forgot all about what's his name...