Monday, April 02, 2007

"Cause I'm the fireman, fa,fa,fa, fireman...."

Last night I got sprayed with a fire extinguisher at work.
One of the kids was out of control.
It was shot in my general direction, but it got in my contacts.
It was pretty nasty.
I took out my contacts and washed out my eyes, but I still look like I've been crying for hours.
I was supposed to work a double, but because my supervisors *ROCK*, I was able to leave at 11p instead of staying until 7:30a.
I took a 45 minutes shower when I got home while singing over and over " Cause I'm the fireman, fa, fa, fa fireman..."...

I'm thankful that my asthma didn't act up.

Some days I'm a window licker.
Today, my vacation starts :o)
We're leaving for Texas tomorrow night.

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Sharpie said...

Window licker!!!!!! We say short bus window licker over here - nice to meet kindred spirits.