Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Katch up-Jobs, Bithdays, and Hookers

Ok, So I accepted the job...but as on-call.

I was supposed to start Monday, but they were waiting on my background check.

I figured they found out I knocked off that liquor store a few years back ( kidding) when I didn't hear from them.

The guy who hired me called yesterday and left a message on my cell phone saying that it was his last day ( He told me he was leaving in the second interview...wife got a fellowship in NM), and that they were on a hiring freeze....

So, now I just wait...

I say whatever.

Whats meant to be will be.....

In other news, Faith is 2 today.


I can't believe it's already been 2 years.
I'm so proud of this stinkin kid.
But I'll tell you what - She's gonna give my cartoon ass a run for it's money.
She's very headstrong already.
I wonder where she gets that from?
I'll post pic tonight after her little party.

As for Gracie....Dude, she has got to be the funniest kid to ever walk the planet.
Yesterday we were cleaning her room, and I was putting all the hangers on her bed.
" Um, Mommy..Why are there hookers on my bed? Did you know that they go in the closet? I'll show you. Come here.."

Hookers in the closet.
Good to know

1 comment:

Woman with kids said...

I bet even Boy 1 would hang up his clothing if he thought there were hookers in the closet... I'll have to share that tidbit with him.