Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Here I am

So many things to say that I don't know where to start.
I suppose I should first apologize for just ditching the blog,
it just got to the point where all I seemed to do was complain about my life, and well, quite frankly, I was sick of it.
I felt boxed in and couldn't write what I wanted because everyone and their mom read it.
In the future, much later down the road, I will start a new blog and not give out the address.
But in the here and now here's whats going on.
Last November the girls and I moved to Texas while Randy stayed to sell the house.
Texas was great, however the job market blew ass.
Randy was able to come visit once a month.
It kinda sucked.
However, something good came out of his January visit- Our son, Toby, will be making his 1st appearance late this fall. ( CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!!)
So we ended up moving back because the house never sold and Randy's health insurance wouldn't cover me while I was in Texas.
We've been back since Easter, but I've put this off by saying " oh, I'll post tomorrow......"
I am nothing but a procrastinator.
So, long story short - we were gone now we are back.....+1


Brenda said...

Hey, girlie!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you! So much to catch up on...we should get together sometime soon! Glad to hear from you again!

Corrie said...

Holy Poop! You are back. You better e-mail me with a new blog. I have a new one too,

Missed you!