Monday, May 12, 2008


The great debate took over mt house over the last few days over what we're going to name this little boy. Mind you, I am only 15 weeks along and most people don't even know the gender of their baby yet.
I guess we're just lucky that our kid was waving his boy bits in the air for the Dr. at our 12 week ultrasound.
And of course, Randy was super excited that his boy's penis was large enough to be spotted so early.

We kinda settled on Brian Tobias, named after Randy's best friend, Brian, and we would call him Toby.
But more and more I really like William Randolph, for both our fathers, and we could call him Randy.
However, Big Randy ain't diggin' that idea.
Not one bit.
I swear that girl names were 100% easier.
I guess we'll see.
Tonight I told Randy to say hello to little Randy, and he said, " Hello, mini me".
For now, I'm taking it as a good sign.

The other debate: To tie the tubes, or not to tie the tubes.
Shit. I don't even know where to go with this one.

So, That's whats going on in my house.
We're really quite boring these days.
Randy is working 2 jobs and I'm a SAHM.
It still feels weird.
Randy says " Why get a job? You're just going to go on bed rest in a month anyway".
I suppose that's true.
I'm just so bored.
And lonely.
And incredibly exhausted ALL THE TIME.
But I suppose if this is my last pregnancy I should suck it up and enjoy every little piece.
I'm trying

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