Friday, July 29, 2011

Vodka, the Breakfast of Champions!

I asked Toby if her wanted cereal this morning, and I swear he said " I want Vodka ".....


*By the way, I don't drink vodka, nor do I have any in the house

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starting Over

I don't really have an excuse as to why I stopped writing. I was busy. I re-read this blog this morning, and thought " Wow, did I really say that?!" Maybe I'm just old and no fun anymore? But then I decided to cut myself a break. If you know me then you know the last year has been a rough one. Talks of divorce, moving, loss of friends, fires, and moving again. Honestly, it's been a mess. But things have started getting better. First and foremost Randy and I are in a good place. Mistakes on both parts are done and forgiven. It's brought us closer. And I will never forget that the kids and I are alive because of him. If people don't like that, well, then they can suck it. I didn't ask for approval. I love him, and he loves me. It's been a crazy ride these last 10 years, and things will only get better. We've already been though hell, right?

Grace is now 8, and going into the 3rd grade. She's a smart cookie. Straight A's, and a mouth that cut you down or build you up in 3 seconds ( I wonder where she gets it ). She's reading at a 5th grade level, and enjoys iCarly with a passion that makes me wanna throw up in my mouth a little, but she's a good kid. She's gonna be a firecracker when she's a teenager.

Faith is 6 and in Kindergarten. She is the sweetest, most loving little girl ever. She's our girly girl, and would wear a dress everyday if she could....with matching accessories *sigh* She's a social butterfly like her sister. She'd sit down and color all day if you let her.

Toby will be 3 in October. It seems t go so fast. My last baby is potty training. He is very into his trucks, and Lego's. He's best buddy's with his Daddy. He even sneaks into our bed more nights than not, to cuddle with him. I don't mind at all.

Randy...Well, what can I say about someone who is the very core of my being? He knows me, understands me, and despite all my flaws, loves me more than I've ever been loved. He's an amazing Daddy. My kids are very lucky. So am I. He's working a full time job, as well as a part time consulting job. There are a few things in the works, and hopefully we will have good news soon. He's trying so hard to make our lives better, and I'm more than proud.

Now, on to me... Where to start? Well, 33 is right around the corner. It'll be a good year. I demand it. I feel like I just rolled with the punches for a year. Rarely did I punch back. I took the back seat and went for the ride. Well, no more. I refuse to be broken any longer. Maybe that's why I'm going back to writting. I HAVE to find joy in everyday things again. So, in a way, I'm starting over. Welcome to the ride

Well, Hi!

Did you think I might have something funny or whitty to say? Not yet, but I promise that I'm working on it.